Blogger Brunch Series: Vero Bistro Moderne

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Finally another brunch post!  It took a while to find a time that worked, but I finally got the opportunity to meet up with fellow food blogger Jenny Lee.  If you haven’t met Jenny, she is tackling the food scene in Vancouver, Calgary & Toronto.  I don’t know where she finds the time but you should definitely check her out at

We met at another Kensington brunch hot spot, Vero Bistro Moderne.  The two big factors of meeting here were the high Zomato rating and the fact that they take reservations for brunch.  The owner, Chef Jenny, has created a beautiful little bistro that serves up modern interpretations on French and Italian cuisine.  The restaurant is small with an open bar at the back, with space for about 25 diners.  There is a little area at the front of the restaurant that can be used for a more private dining experience.  For those that know me, they won’t be surprised that I was instantly impressed with the red feature wall, as I have something very similar at home.

Photo 2015-11-14, 11 33 33 AM
Open Concept Bistro Feel.
Photo 2015-11-14, 11 25 22 AM
View From Our Table.  That Chandelier Though!
Photo 2015-11-14, 11 32 21 AM
Who Wouldn’t Want To Enjoy A Meal Here?
Photo 2015-11-14, 11 31 37 AM
Chef Jenny’s Food Travels!

Once we got through the introductions and ordered our daily dose of caffeine, we tackled the menu. I should add, everything on the menu sounded delicious.  However, there were a few atypical brunch items on the menu that intrigued, such as the seafood risotto and bolognese with hand rolled noodles.  But of course, like any brunch lover knows, the traditional eggs benny is always the preferred choice and I settled on the smoked meat eggs benny, while Jenny ordered the wild mushroom eggs benny.

Photo 2015-11-14, 10 06 51 AM
A Glimpse At The Menu.

As we waited for our food, we talked about the life of a food blogger, it seemed that our likes and dislikes were fairly similar.  Most notable, we agreed that standing in line for brunch is a pet peeve that we both share. My love for Asian food was evident, as I was asking her about the hidden gems around the city. She had a few recommendations, that I hope I am able to check out sooner rather than later.  This was the first time I’ve met a fellow food blogger for brunch and let’s just say our enthusiasm for all things food really came through.

After some good conversation, the food arrived at our table.  I was in awe of this plate, it looked like a piece of art.  We both immediately reached for our phones which makes it evident that I have to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Photo 2015-11-14, 10 38 33 AM
Birds Eye View!
Photo 2015-11-14, 10 38 47 AM
A Mountain of Deliciousness!

A perfectly poached egg sat on top of thin slices of smoked meat, which rested on a freshly made croissant.  No english muffin here folks, and you won’t hear a complaint from me about that.  The benny was topped with whipped hollandaise, fried potato sticks and pea shoots, while the dish was surrounded with sautéed mushrooms and a lightly dressed salad. After taking a few bites, I began to appreciate that every meticulously placed item on this dish added something.  The eggs, hollandaise and perfectly tender smoked meat added richness which was cut perfectly by the freshness and acidity of the salad.  The potatoes added a crispy note while the mushrooms and pea-shoots added earthy tones, all while the freshly made croissant acted as the perfect vessel for all the yolky deliciousness. I can’t say enough good things about this dish, it was so well balanced and was the first brunch item that didn’t leave me stuffed.  Just the perfect amount of food to start your day off right.

To get a glimpse of Jenny’s wild mushroom eggs benny and to read her thoughts on the dish, take a look at her post (  I think we both had similar feelings on our brunch experience, so much so, that that she went twice in one weekend!

The meal was complete and we both kept raving with only good things to say about our brunch experience.  When the waitress brought the bill, she mentioned there were comment cards that could be filled out.  The comment card included a rating scale of our experience and asked questions about our thoughts on the menu.  I was floored that an owner would actually want to hear recommendations for the menu from her customers!  The high food quality should come as no surprise given this kind of feedback model.

It was awesome to finally get to meet Jenny and talk about all things food! I was blown away by the decor as well as the quality of the food – it’s clear to see the owner is passionate about her craft and adapts with customers feedback.  This was an easy 4.5 on Zomato and I would highly recommend giving them a visit if you are looking for a different spin on brunch. If you are are feeling adventurous, visit them on No Menu Tuesday, where for $39 per person, Chef Jenny creates a mystery meal of the best ingredients she can find. I will definitely have to try that out one day!

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