Blogger Brunch Series: Brasserie

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In the second edition of my Blogger Brunch Series, I met up with Neelam Grum at Brasserie, a Kensington brunch favorite.  Neelam is a food/decor/DIY/traveling blogger and if you don’t check out her diverse blog at, you are really doing yourself a disservice!  She is a lover of interior design, entertaining, baking, photography & traveling across the globe.

After walking into an empty restaurant, it was easy to find Neelam there sipping on some coffee.  Clearly we were the only people at the Brasserie right as they opened their doors, but it soon filled up as the morning went on.  After introducing ourselves, we started chatting non-stop like old friends catching up.  We are both working professionals who found blogging as a creative outlet for our shared passions of food and photography.  As an aspiring globetrotter, I was able to pick Neelam’s brain about having visited every continent, with the exception of Antarctica.

Anyways, enough about the awesome company, let’s talk about our gracious host for brunch, Brasserie!  The space has a cozy bistro feel with some prairie attitude.  Simply set wooden tables with a spattering of red chairs that add a bit of colour and give the space a warm feel. The prairie attitude comes through with the unique decor on the walls, including a boar head prominently displayed above the fireplace.  The bar sits at the back of the restaurant, beside the open kitchen which gives diners a view of their food and drinks being prepared.

Photo 2015-09-26, 11 51 23 AM
Letting the sun shine in!
Photo 2015-09-26, 11 49 48 AM
It’s a bird, it’s the features, no it’s just a boar head!
Photo 2015-09-26, 11 49 59 AM
A stocked bar!
Photo 2015-09-26, 11 50 14 AM
Open Kitchen! I could watch these guys all day!
Photo 2015-09-26, 11 50 40 AM
The simple brunch menu!

Now I’m a sucker for any kind of hash dish, so I had to order the lamb hash with soft poached eggs.   As the dish arrived and I immediately knew I had ordered correctly – it was presented beautifully.  Perfectly poached egg, crispy fingerling potatoes and lightly sautéed tomatoes and arugula made for an awesome play on textures.  The deceivingly light hollandaise, smokiness of the lamb and bacon lardons and the freshness from the vegetables provided a great balance of flavours.  However I could have gone for a bit more acidity or some fresh herbs to cut through the richness but that’s just me nitpicking.  A great dish overall and pretty much on par with what I was expecting from Brasserie.

Holy Hash!
Holy Hash!

Neelam stayed true to her brunch norms and knew she was ordering an eggs benedict.  Once hearing the special of the day, a smoked meat bennie, her choice was made for her.   I’ll turn it over to Neelam for her first food review, to go along with her picture of the dish.

While at first the dish was a little difficult to maneuver with the eggs and meat being served on a sandwich bun rather than the typical english muffin.  That was soon forgotten with my first bite.  The eggs were a perfect soft poach, with a golden yellow yolk when I broke into it.  The hollandaise was smooth, light and mild in flavour, perfect in this dish.  The saltiness of the smoked meat was balanced perfectly by the peppery arugula the bennies were accompanied with.  And the fried onions added a nice and unexpected crunch.  Loved this dish and even woke up today dreaming about it the next day!

Special Bennie.
Special Bennie. 

Overall, this was a very enjoyable brunch from the decor of the restaurant, to the food, to the fantastic company.  Brasserie delivers on its reputation for having a delicious brunch! It was also a pleasant surprise to enjoy a lighter meal than I expected, knowing what Brasserie has a reputation for heart and rich food.

It was a pleasure to sit down for brunch with another local blogger and I hope to try some of Neelam’s tasty recipes soon!  Are there any other bloggers out there who want to meet up for brunch, if you’re interested let me know!  My list of potential brunch destinations is always growing!

Photo 2015-09-26, 11 51 48 AM

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