status Re:Grub Burger Bar

Re:Grub Burger Bar!
Re:Grub Burger Bar!

The humble hamburger, you would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t appreciate a delicious beef patty between two pieces of bread.  Finding a delicious burger in Calgary used to be a fool’s errand, the best we could do were the typical fast food chains. Fast forward a few years and we saw Alley Burger start the food truck craze, popular American franchises like Fatburger and Five Guys made their way to town and Justin Leboe decided to offer his always popular burger to the masses via the infamous Clive Burger.

So when I heard there was a new burger joint in town, I just had to go check it out. Re:Grub (which is burger spelt backward) took over the small space previously inhabited by Blowfish Sushi Lounge.  With a bright blue facade and yellow chairs on the patio, it’s sure to catch your eye and make you stop in your tracks just to come check out what’s inside.

An eye catching store front.
How could you miss this?  Those yellow chairs though,

Once they have you inside, I guarantee you’ll enjoy yourself.  The space is distinctly unique with colorful feature walls, some funky designs and an open concept kitchen.

Photo 2015-08-06, 7 35 08 PM

Photo 2015-08-06, 7 30 53 PM

Photo 2015-08-06, 7 30 07 PM Photo 2015-08-06, 7 36 49 PM

Your first order of business is to check out the menu and put in your order at the till.  Once you’ve narrowed down your selections from all the mouthwatering choices you are given a number and are free to sit anywhere inside or on the patio.  Don’t be alarmed by the higher than average prices for a burger, these delightful bites are well worth the price of admission.

The Re:Grub Menu.
The Re:Grub Food Menu.

We went with the Smoke N’ Fire, the Bison Bison, Asiago Truffle Fries and some fine crafted Alberta beer from Wild Rose Brewery & Grizzly Paw Brewery.  The burger’s are by no means gigantic but don’t be fooled by their petite appearance, these burgers pack a punch.

First on the docket was the Smoke N’ Fire which featured a juicy beef patty nestled between their house baked brioche buns, which hold up surprisingly well to all the toppings.  There is nothing worse than a burger bun disintegrating half way through your meal!  The toppings included fried potato stick (think Hickory Sticks), pickled habanero peppers (don’t worry, they tone down the spice big time), a spicy aioli, jalapeño jack cheese along with butter lettuce and a thick slice of tomato.  This burger delivers on it’s promise of having a little spicy kick while every topping compliments the other.  You can just taste the difference that a freshly made burger patty can deliver, no filler, no preservatives, just pure unadulterated beef taste!

Smoke N' Fire
Smoke N’ Fire.
A look inside.
Brioche Bun, GOOD.  Toppings, GOOD.  Beef, GOOD!

The second burger offering was the Bison Bison, which again featured Re:Grub’s freshly made, pillowy brioche bun surrounding an Alberta bison patty.  Now bison is a very lean meat, so it tends to dry out very quickly when you cook it over a high heat.  However, Re:Grub managed to get a good char on the outside of the patty while still keeping it remarkably juicy, I don’t know their secret!  This burger was topped with caramelized mushrooms & onions, melted Asiago cheese and butter lettuce.  Noticeably absent was the bacon ranch sauce, which my dinner guest left off her burger.  The Bison Bison burger wins on delivering a juicy bison patty, as described above, while the toppings add a certain gourmet quality to the burger.  The mushrooms and onions still had texture to them, while the Asiago provided the perfect cheese stretch.  Yes, the level of cheese stretch is vital when ranking any dish with cheese!

Bison Bison.
Bison Bison.
Juicy cross section.
Juicy bison patty with some serious cheese stretch!

Last but certainly not least are the Asiago Truffle Fries which should require a very brief description, as the picture speaks a thousand words.  Golden and crispy fresh cut fries, truffle oil, shredded Asiago cheese and fresh parsley…if that doesn’t get your mouth watering, I don’t know what will!

A mountain of Asiago Truffle Fries.
A mountain deep fried  heaven.

Re:Grub also offers an array of beverages from Grizzly Paw sodas, to a wide variety of Alberta beers, Okanagan wine, Alberta mead and Fiasco Gelato milkshakes.  In case you were wondering, the milkshakes can also be made a bit boozy, if you so desire.

This new burger joint is doing everything the right way by keeping it simple, sourcing local ingredients and making everything from scratch.

From the colorful decor to it’s delicious in-house made food, Re:Grub is definitely adding some tasty bites to the Beltline winning over this soon to be repeat customer.

May I have another please?!
May I have another please?!

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