Rodney’s Oyster House Calgary – In House Shucking Competition


Rodney's Coasters

OYSTERS!!  Now that I’ve got your attention, let me start off my first post with a photoblog from Rodney’s Oyster House Calgary.

Rodney's 1
The start of the evening!

I am very thankful to have been a plus one to this fun shucking competition on July 15th at the restaurant.  Nothing like starting the night off with a complementary pint of Keith’s.

This is my first trip to Rodney’s and let me tell you they have done an amazing job at converting the space from its previous incarnation as The Drink/Tantra/Mansion to the bright and fun space it is today.


The Space 2
The Oyster Bar from the second floor.
The Space
The Oyster Bar from the second floor.
The Kitchen
The long walk to the kitchen.


My View
My view for the evening!

Employees at the restaurant competed in 5 heats, with each competitor shucking 10 choice oysters while competing each other and the clock.  The champion would go one to represent Rodney’s Oyster House Calgary in the Ontario Oyster Festival on July 19th in Toronto.

The Line Up
The Four Heats!

Let the shucking begin!!

Ready, Set, Go

Tier 4 Tier 3 Tier 1


After the competition and the judging comes the best part of the night.  The oysters!!  We managed to snag a mini tray of East Coast Raspberry Points on ice and the best part is the tray comes with lots of lemon and fresh horseradish.  Along with the oysters, you get a wide selection of “condiments”.

The Oysters
Deliciousness on a half shell!
The Condiments
The “Condiments” – Tabasco, Worcestershire, Rodney’s Homemade Shallot vinaigrette, Cocktail Sauce & two different hot sauces.
The Caeser
Rodney’s Caesar – briny & spicy with a shrimp and some fresh horseradish.

Now having recently been drawn to raw oysters, I’m not that well versed in the differences between East Coast & West Coast oysters and after talking to Meagan, the Events & Catering Manager, she described the differences to us and even gave us a taste of West Coast oysters from BC.  The BC oyster had a smaller and deeper shell, with a meatier oyster and less salty/briny taste.  It’s hard for a west coast guy to admit but I prefer oysters from the eastern shore.

But back to the shucking competition, the results are in and the lucky employee to represent Calgary in the Ontario Oyster Festival comes to you from Heat #4, Trevor aka Tasty-T!  Look, he can shuck an oyster while maintaining a conversation!

The Champion
The Shucking King!

At the end of the day it was a shucking good time so I’d like to thank Rodney’s for putting on such a great event that featured delicious food, friendly staff and a fun laid back atmosphere.  I will definitely return to try some of their famous chowder and other tasty bites on their menu.

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